Instantly Relieve Knee Pain, Increase Mobility And Accelerate Healing

The most effective way to stop knee pain and speed up the healing process..

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How Doc Sleeve’s 3-Step Technology Relieves Pain In Seconds

Doc Sleeve’s highly-acclaimed 3-step compression system delivers major breakthroughs in pain reduction and knee therapy, instantly relieving pain and accelerating healing speed.

1. Interlocking Knit Fabric

Doc Sleeves use advanced nano fibers to deliver supple, tensile strength that personally molds to your knee, supporting tendons, ligaments and joints in all the right places,taking the load off and instantly relieving pain.

2. ViscoElastic Omega Pads

Doc Sleeves follow the science, using advanced hydro-gel pads backed by knee therapists. These pads activate accu-points to accelerate the body’s healing process, while improving circulation, and oxygen delivery. 

3. HOFFA Shock Absorption

As the first compression sleeve to deliver 6g’s of shock absorption, Doc Sleeves increase knee mobility to enable the wearer to become more active, while cushioning the joints for the ultimate in comfort. 

The Science Behind Doc Sleeve’s Benchmark Matrix-Compression

Delivering brand new innovations in knee therapeutics, our specially engineered spiral matrix uses nano memory fibers which mold to the wearer, giving each wearer their very own sleeve designed just for them. Meshed into the matrix are micro acupressure activation points, which trigger signals for the body to aid in healing, increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to channel nutrients where they’re needed most. 

Doc Sleeve’s ViscoElastic Omega Pads then provide the solid framework and cushioning for tendons, ligaments and joints to begin healing, while at the same time increasing comfort and preventing any further injury to your knee.

Combined with these two features, HOFFA Shock Absorption is then able to increase your mobility by vastly reducing the load, with every step you take channeling kinetic energy away from your knee so it can heal without pain. Every day you wear Doc Sleeves, you’re increasing your knee’s ability to heal and grow stronger.

Award Winning Features

Simple to use

Doc Sleeves are so easy to use on a daily basis. Just slip your foot through its organic fabric making sure the knee cushion pad faces the knee, then go about your working day in sheer comfort.

Discreet Comfort

Designed for discreet all-day comfort, Doc Sleeves’ low profile ensures that you can easily wear them under any trousers, jeans or pants, without anyone knowing you’re wearing them. In fact the only reason you’ll know you’re wearing them is the relief you feel each day.

Breathable & Slip Proof

Doc Sleeves use advanced moisture wicking technology to ensure your knee has the breathability it needs to prevent sweating, discomfort or odors, while its slip proof feature ensure they stay in place so you never need to adjust them through the day

Health Benefits

Our bodies are finely tuned organisms that need the right care and attention to operate at their best. Here’s why Doc Sleeve is the perfect sleeve to not only reduce pain, but help you increase mobility and heal faster.

Reduce Arthritis And Knee Pain Symptoms

Doc Sleeves rapidly reduce knee inflammation while supporting your knee cap and joints, delivering huge relief to acute and chronic arthritis sufferers, bursitis, ACL injuries and all forms of tendonitis. 

Recover From Old And New Injuries

Even if your knee has been causing problems for years, DocSleeves can finally help it to recover. By giving your knee the right support framework it needs to heal, your knee has the chance to recuperate without external stresses. 

Instantly Become More Active

With Doc Sleeve’s pain relief and shock absorption features supporting your knee, enjoy increased mobility with the ability to do more activities with greater strength and for longer, without feeling pain or discomfort.

I’ve long suffered from arthritic knee pain, but Doc Sleeves makes a huge difference. It reduced my pain and inflammation so much – I was able to go hiking with my husband for the first time in years! Amazing considering I’ve tried so many other compression sleeves with little success. This is the real deal!
Isabel G.

Full Time Mom

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Jenny T. Dallas TX

This compression sleeve has been a game changer for me. I injured my knee last year and it’s caused me trouble ever since. But the moment I put Doc Sleeves on I felt the pain melt away. After a couple of weeks, my knee pain has gone, even when I’m not wearing Doc Sleeves!

Tom G. Miami FL

Well - I never thought a compression sleeve would make such a big difference in my life! I didn’t realise just how much I’d got used to my knee pain until I put Doc Sleeves on and instantly felt 10 times more comfortable. It so easily fits under my trousers too - no one knows I’m even wearing it! Thank you!

Robyn S. Phoenix AZ

I got this because my normal compression sleeve was having zero effect for me. At first I was skeptical, but as soon as I put Doc Sleeves on I realised why it’s so popular. It’s sooo comfortable for my knees, and lets me do so much more, from country walks to playing with my grandkids. It’s given me a new lease of life.

Dedicated To Finding The Best Solutions For Knee Health

At Doc Sleeve, we believe that everyone deserves to live without debilitating knee pain. That’s why we continue to devote our time and technical expertise to developing simple, fast, and health conscious knee-relief products that don’t have you breaking the bank. It’s our own way of helping people live more healthier, happier lives.

Instantly Relieve Knee Pain, Increase Mobility And Accelerate Healing

The most effective way to stop knee pain and speed up the healing process..

(Receive an exclusive 50% online discount)

2020 Copyright © DocSleeves. All Rights Reserved.

2020 Copyright © DocSleeves. All Rights Reserved.